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Sep-Ul-Chere for posterity

Posted on December 7, 2011 at 6:00 AM

                 The sep-ul-cher for posterity----The Nuclear Harm An Analysis

                             THE SEP-UL-CHER FOR POSTERITY


The recent mass destruction due to Tsunami and subsequent nuclear blast in Japan has put in a question of our safety a in the Nuclear world, what kind of safeguard that we as a human entity have against such destructive devices in the hands of various countries, one trigger happy parasite can annihilate the whole existence of mankind from this earth.

We are told that 30 rems (meaning roentgen equivalent in Man)can have significant changes in the blood streams, and about 80 to 128 rems can make you chronically sick for life like having permanent disabilities like Cancer, haemorrhages, and about 300 or more rems can be fatal, ( The rem is unit used to measure the radiation dosage on human being). Having said this in the event of a nuclear explosion one is not sure. What will be the dosage one gets, which largely depends upon the location and how closer you are to the site of the explosion? It Is also told that the radiation lingers long enough to reach out, through Air, to maximum distance, which can only be assessed by the intensity of the Nuke bomb, its capacity, and the wind speed at that point of time.

In lay man parlance in the first minute of the blast after detonation, there are three damages that can be caused, which are thermal radiation, the low yield of which is 35% or more in less than 100ft, and it can go as high level of 45- 48%, then you have blast wave, which is 60% low yield and 50% high yield and the third damage causing is ionizing radiation, which is at 5%, the radioactive decay of the fall out releases additional 5 to 10%, in a nutshell you can near holocaust in the event of a Nuke War.

As per the inventor of law of relativity, Albert Einstein “The Law of Mathematics refers to reality. They are not certain, as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality,” The quote of this genius holds good when the senior scientists predicts and perfects Nuke weapons and its safe guards. The Lab trials or mock test is okay in its controlled atmosphere, the job said is well done, but we cannot calculate the intensity of the blast if the said bomb is to explode in places with petroleum or chemical plants as the same can trigger multiple effect on the human populace which can be on a geometric proportion.

Dr.Tatsurichiro Akizuki has detailed in his book Nagasaki 1945 the real account of Automic explosion as he was the eye witness to the tragedy and has administered medicine to the affected victims.

In the process of saving lives of the victims radiation levels in his own body went up, and he had constant fever and diahoriea, he claims that his selfless service to save life was appreciated by the God almighty, and he escaped from the jaws of death to live yet again.

We have seen only an Atomic blast since its discovery at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and we cannot afford to do on-field trials of Nuke Bomb. The Scientific calculation and Matrixes can go to hay wire if the said bomb disturbs the craters of the Earth which in turn can cause havoc.

While understanding the implications of a nuclear disaster, not just in warfare alone,? Look at the accidents that are before us, since nuclear Invention, he Chernobyl 1000 mega watts power reactor in USSR, The Three-Mile Island near Pennsylvania, Presently in Japan are glaring example of how unequipped we are against this deadly Energy and how insufficient we are in our Nuclear safeguard as these happened in the most developed countries. Here, we should imagine what will be situation if it has to happen in Pakistan, North Korea or India where we have limited experience as compared to major republics.

We have seen many major scientific breakthroughs in the last 100 odd years, including Nuke, Atomic energy & plastics. Some of them did really bring in some comforts to us, but we failed to understand all this scientific invention, and its subsequent use will have a telling effect on the Earth’s craters. While we cooled our Bed rooms with Air Conditioners, we heated up the Earth with the indiscriminate use of plastics and petroleum products, which is an unwise decision.

We set certain values to all that we discovered and manufactured things only keeping in mind the profits of the establishment, but forgetting the long terms’ consequences on the Ecology.

While my argument is not against invention or its commercial application, but what about our concern for sustainability, factor, why did we forget this most crucial factor in the first place, while we all know plastic was a good product but why did we go overboard in the use of plastic? Why did we forget the need for recycling? Here, some organizations have developed "CRADLE TO CRADLE’ DESIGN PROTOCOL", which simply means mimicking nature's organic life cycle 'here after the end use of the product, the product is returned to the manufacturer for recycling.' The person behind this design protocol is William McDonough and designer and Michael Braungart a chemist, and their design protocol is called MBDC chemistry.

This is a step in the positive direction and companies like Rebook, Nike, Shaw etc, are embracing these production models as part of their environmental commitments.

All this put a common question as to why did we lack the foresight to have such production models before venturing into manufacturing of plastic and petroleum goods ? Are we to do corrective surgery, why not prevent the it in the first place.

The Nuke power and plastics are only inferences. We need a macro-level understanding of Science and its discoveries. We need to understand them to first and then embrace them, keeping in mind the impact it has on the Ecology.

The mindless embracement of our discoveries l only le ad us to the throes of mass destruction, as the Ecology has its own pressure release system in place, which we have seen in the form of Tsunami, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Melting of Ozone l layers and other natural disasters., which in turn have definite bearing on our health, can contract all types of epidemic like radiation impacts, plagues, constant fever and the likes.

while the human capacity is measureable but no one can measure nature in its entirety, while she will give us all in abundance of her natural wealth., The Mother Nature can be a good disciplinarian as well.

We should also understand who would be the present & future users of these inventions are; the Psychiatry of human mind is not accessible to scientific findings, as such we should factor socio-economic background of all the people while inventing a dangerous product like Nuke. In this case, the mindless Republics like United States and Soviet Union during their Cold War Era has equipped their Satellites like Pakistan, North Korea, etc., with Nuke Capabilities. What will happen to its Nuke installation, if they were to fall into the hands of Militant Groups, like Taliban or Lakshera Tioba, who were nurtured by these very American in their war for supremacy in Afghanistan?

The Bush and Blair’s of the Western world with half the information about “weapons of mass destruction” waged a senseless war on Iraq. The present dispensation in United States is keen on a War with Iran and North Korea, if any of these countries have Nuke power and something drastic happens, The World is at loss to understand the results of such devastations.

This could challenge very existence Human Race. The error in human judgment is possible, but what about the ramification of its fall out both for the present and posterity a quiz that needs to be answered.

To unravel this mystery we should understand our own ancient mythology, We have had many civilizations like the Indus valley Civilization, Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, The Ancient Greek Civilization etc., all this has been sunk under this Earth, and what remains, is simply the tip of ice berg, How these civilizations sunk, causes, effects are something very debatable until date, Scientific rationale lacks reasoning, we are left with only the remnants of the past.

In the Maha Bharatha, we were told the use of sophisticated Astras (Arrows) like Brahmastra, etc., can we now decipher them to the present context of Nuke/Atomic power or at least Chemical Warfare?

While stating that, I would like to mention that the evidence of Virtual reality was seen, as Drudarashtra heard the entire war, scene by scene from Vidthura miles away from the battle field.

Secondly they had the knowledge of making test-tube babies. The Kaurava's were born through this method, and the apparatus used were clay pots.

Finally a mention of Telephony in the form of a Statement, that sound passes through air. All this constitutes a well-developed scientific infrastructure in place during that period, and what happened to them are still a Myth.

There is a mention of Brahma Ratri and Brahmaodaya, in the Bhagavat Gita “ which states that I will ensure that I will end all lives in this world during Brahma Ratri which will last for one thousand years and I will resurrect these lives through my fertility during the Brahmaodaya which will last for the next thousand years,” can this be interpreted as after every civilisation there has been mass destruction or a deluge and for resurrection it has taken a period equivalent to around 1000 years.

We have no clue as to whether we are in the portals of a holocaust? but for sure at this point of time " we on a cliff" The most important question that needs to be answered are we going to be merchants of deaths? Are we to leave only Sepulcher’s to our posterity? Or is it the time to Act, Let us awake from our comatose slumb we are in now, to undo mistakes what we have done in the past, or else we will slip from our comatose slumb to a comma. It is a time for introspection.



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