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Posted on November 23, 2011 at 7:40 AM

                                               MY VERY OWN KAKU - CHAPTER-2




It is not just we were together in my village home, Kaku used to accompany to the pond where I used to be taken for a bath. The colour of the water used to be green, probably because of the green surrounding, the green patches of Algae’s used to be visible, the people used to wash themselves first and they used to dip their clothes into this thick decoction there making their clothes more dirtier. Initially I used to get little upset in going to the pond but as the saying goes “NECESSITY BECOMES THE MOTHER OF INVENTION” was apt in my case, got used to the stink that emanates out of the water blocks the nostrils and they by allowing you to get used to it. This is a paradigm shift in what we used to call cleanliness in towns, but I used to wonder the villagers were more stronger than their brethrens in big cities, as they were able to withstand in such extreme conditions with no portable water supply around, bathing in water with multiple chemical and organic compounds and at times feces’ of both animal and human being and yet they were spared of gastroenteritis and skin problems.

This is when I thought there is a natural cleanser in the form of algae’s and other natural elements that would have acted as a cleaning agent or to be brazenly blunt, the people who lived here would have had ‘more resistance than people of the cities. Here I am not using oxymoron as a figure of speech, neither it is a paradox of sorts; it is plain and hard truth and nothing else.

Coming back to the story, my Kaku used to love this pond and when I pull him into it, he used to stay afloat, I used to wonder how an elephant can be so cool in water and I on his behalf used to spray water from my mouth across as I had told him not to disturb others. After playing in water for some time, I used to walk bare foot to a small Shiva Temple, Here too I had my Kaku, but he used to stand outside, while I used to go in and pray , the temple priest was young with a bald head, used to literally throw the sandalwood paste on the palm and talk very less to children, only elders were seen speaking to him. The opening to the Temple is from south, here I mean the gate and entry inside the temple was from east. The Shiva linga which is the main deity even though not of great size looks magical with oils lamps lit all round gives out a divinely effect , the spills of the light across the dome giving it a glaze with a black tinge is quite mystical. As we go around the temple we can see only thorns strewed around sometimes pricking on my foot. But all these small inferences cannot stop people from taking divine interventions to their entire problems.

Just after the temple there is a Temple Car ( Thiru) which is exquisitely carved, but since there are not takers to upkeep the same, one could sight monsoon has created a havoc on this master piece. I used to get amazed on the sight of this Temple Car whose carving is a real treat to ones sight.

When taking about the lord Shiva I used always wonder why is Lord Shiva called the destroyer and I feel it is wrongly taught and understood. When dwells into Adyatmika of the Vedas and Upanishads and the Shiva purana, we can clearly make out that Shiva is the creator and everything about him represents the creation---Procreation to be precise. A scientific look at the shape of the linga represents the Vital human organ for procreation and hence I would like to conclude that Shiva is a creator and not destroyer.

Let me take you into the spiritual splendor of understanding of Lord Shiva as per Rig veda which is supposed to be the first of all Vedas, there is an another word for Veda which is called “Shruthi”—the one which is heard and the process of passing it on from one generation to the other is through hearing and narrating process and hence it is possible some of the essentials or thoughts would have got altered to suit the reasoning of some people or certain age. The fertile mind will not omit the Munda community who were the predecessor to the Rig Vedic people and a study into the culture of the Munda community will open our minds to better understanding of Vedas, since most of the Rig Vedic proyogas and padathis have some similarity with the Munda culture (Munda a name given to Tribals of gangetic valley).

The Rig Veda also talks about Nature as God and most of it are all about Pancha bootha, we consider mother nature as God and to put it in our own sankrit,” Prakruti & Purusha” , nature is always projected in the gender of female as she the bowls of creation, Purusha represents Shiva or Linga is the one who seeds and gets the harvest in varied acts of fertilizations covering various gamut of human activity including procreation of Mankind, Vegetation and so on. The Shiva purana is full of rich tales and one of them where Shiva takes the form of Adranariswara, making a bold statement that Prakruti and Purushas are the inseparable part in the creation of this universe.

I am aware that age old beliefs cannot be taken out by mere verbose of the fertile mind and I am no Iconoclast to go against the established belief system, which will remain in the way we have learnt our initial tuitions, a rationalist mind will go into the details of what is being taught, a believer simply believes what is taught to him. I have always been a believer but my beliefs comes out of understanding of the subject and not by mere pabulum of some priests or who pose has ultimate knowledge without elaborating his intelligence by way of logical reasoning.

I think I have explained my stand on why I think that Lord Shiva is a creator and not a destroyer. Now what I am going to say would look that I am trying to pradoxically confuse the reader but in reality, what I am trying to convey is that I find a very thin difference between creation and destruction. I think they live in harmony, including life and death they are not opposed to each other but they are the rationale behind logical planning of god forehead. According to Srimad Bhagavat Gita, lord Krishan says that


Here lord Krishna is just informing us that there are nothing that are permanent including the bodies which we keep it for some years just to be dispensed once its life cycle is over. There is yet another sloka where Lord Krishan says “ AHAM PRAHABAVAS JAGATAM, PRALAYASA THA”. Here also he says the same thing that I am the creator and destroyer, so there is no reason for me to understand why Shiva should either be a creator or destroyer which is just cyclic anyways.

I think I am drifting from my original story about me and my own Kaku which will come out in my next episode of the blog.



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