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At 7.00 am on 30th Nov, 2012, a small function was organized at Sri Chaithanya Mahaganapathy Temple for the official launching of the 2012 Mahakumbhabhisheka Notices. The sacred notices were put in the lotus feet of Sri Meenakshy Sundareswarar and then carried over to Mahaganapathy Temple by Siva Temple Priest Sri. Subramania Bhat and handed over to Sri. Subramanian (Mahaganapathy Temple Priest) for performing poojas for the notices at Mahaganapathy Temple. The first copy of the notice was received by Sri. Subramania Bhat from Sri. K.S. Ramaswamy (Rasu Iyer), Gen. Secretary, 2012 MKC. After the pooja there was Prasadam Distribution at the premises. Some pictures taken during the function were uploaded in the PHOTOS section of the site as a separate album "2012 Mahakumbhabhisheka Notice Launch Function".

A copy of the 2012 Mahakumbhabhisheka Notice will be shortly made available in the website for the exclusive use of Devotees. Please regularly check the site.

MKC - 2012


 Vaikkathashtami 2011


Following the footsteps of the Famous Festival of Vaikkathashtami being Celebrated in a grand scale at Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple on the Ashtami day of malayalam month; Vruchikam, this festival has started to roll in our village too in the last couple of years. In the recent years the villagers are conducting 'Annadhana' apart from the normal Utsava Moorthy Procession in the morning. Today (19.11.11) to mark the Vaikkathashtami day there was a procession of Lord Meenakshy Sundareswarar utsava moorthy in the Goratham in the agraharam streets. Some moments of the function were uploaded in the PHOTOS section as a separate Album '2011 - Vaikkathashtami Pics' for devotees.



In Service of God / East Village Grama Jana Samooham


 Annabhishekam 2011


Blessed Devotees,

This year's (2011) Annabhishekam festival went off vibrantly on 10th Nov'11 at Sri Meenakshy Sundareswarar Temple with traditional poojas & abhishekas.

We are making a loyal attempt to write few lines about the origin of this festival. The grandma told story of Annabhisheka is that 'One day at kailash mountains Lord Siva asked Goddess Parvathy to cook food for him. As Goddess Parvathy has a difference of opinion with Lord Siva on some other issue, she turned a deaf ear to Lord Siva's instruction and eventually walked out of the premises. Looking at this, Lord Siva ordered his second wife; Goddess Ganga to cook food and serve him. Whilst, Goddess Ganga cooked the food, Goddess Parvathy returned back with guilty conscious in mind but when she saw Ganga Devi has taken care of her responsibilities, she in anger took the baked rice and pour at Lord Siva's head. This day is being celebrated as Annabhisheka by all the devotees and to mark this day the festival is being done at every Siva temple'.

The highlight of the function was that of the chariot procession of the utsava moorthy of Meenakshy Sundareswarar in the agragaha veethi (village road). Some of the nice moments of the function were caputred digitally and uploaded as '2011 Annabhisheka Pics' under the PHOTOS heading for those who could not make it in person. Please enjoy and be the receipient of the divine blessings of Lord Meenakshy Sundareswarar.

In Service of God / East Village Grama Jana Samooham


Mahakumbabhishekam Date Announced !!!!


Dear Devotees,

It is our immense pleasure to inform all our beloved devotees that the "Mahakumbabhishekam 2012" date has been fixed with the blessings of Chaithanya Mahaganapathy & Meenakshy Sundareshwar".

As per Sivagama Siromani Jyothishabhooshanam Sri. Sivachala Gurukkal of Madathikulam (Udumalpet, near Palani) the auspicious occasion to conduct the Mahakumbabhishekam is falling on 4th May'2012 (Friday, Attham [Astham]Nakshathra, Thrayodasi Thidi).

The detailed programme notice is under finalization and will soon be despatched to all the devotees and a copy of the same, if possible will be uploaded in the site.

Best Regards

Mahakumbabhisheka Committee-2012




With traditional zest & fervor this year's Navarathri Festival was concluded in a befitting manner. Everyday starting from 28-Sept till 6-Oct there were Abhishekams at both the temples in the morning & evening followed with chandana kappu (siva temple) & vilakku at both the temples along with Nadaswaram. The highlight of Navami vilakku (9th day vilakku) is of fire works whereas the final vilakku; Dasami was of chariot procession of Mahaganapathy to Siva Temple & Meenakshy Sundareswarar's procession to Mattumantha to witness Ambum Villum and to bless the villagers.

Navarathri Festival Committee



Dear Devotees,

We have great pleasure in informing all the village & outside residents of our village that, with the Blessings of Lord Chaithanya Mahaganapathy & Meenakshy Sundareswarar, the ‘Parihara Poojas & Homams’ that were proposed by Sri. Ramaswamy (Astrologer – Thamboola Prashna) on 3rd July, 2011 for successful completion of MAHAKUMBABHISHEKAM - 2012, was successfully completed with the abundant Grace & Blessings of our Village Deities. The following were the Poojas & Homams conducted on 16th, 17th & 18th of Sept’11, followed by a ‘Samaradhana for 12 Vaideegars’ on the last day of the function.

    • Mahaganpathy Homam
    • Mruthyunjaya Homam
    • Mahasudarshana Homam
    • Verpadu Homam &
    • Gayathri Homam

Now, that we have concluded with the parihara poojas & homams, we are now focusing our attention on printing programme notice, donation receipts, temple renovation works etc. We also have plans to open a website exclusively for the ‘Mahakumbabhishekam 2012’ function and the website address will be made available in the programme notice to follow.

With Kind Regards,




Dear Devotees,

It was nearly 16 years back (3rd May'96) a Jeernodharana Mahakumbabhishekam was performed in both the Agraharam Temples. Though, the life span to perform a Kumbabhishekam shouldn't cross 12 years as per vedic scholars, we are already late by 4 years!

Hence, it was decided among the agraharam residents to perform a Jeernodharana Maha Kumbabhishekam in both the agraharam temples in April/May 2012 and to find out the Probable Date, Karmas & Pariharams, an "Ashtamangala Tamboola Prashna" was conducted on 3rd July'2011 at Chithanya Mahagapathy Temple. All the Yogas & Stars are favouring us and with a renovation of the current temples and performing some parihara karmas, the Kumbabhishekam can be done in a fitting manner. 

The Kumbabhishekam date is yet to be finalized and the same will be updated in the site as soon as the info is available. A preliminary meeting is called for on 17.7.2011 (Sunday) to decide further course of actions.

Please keep checking the site for updated news!!!

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Note of Thanks !!!

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Dear Devotees,

This note of appreciation is for extending the Mahakumbabhishekam 2012 Committee's sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who participated in person to make this mega event a grand success. For those, who couldn't make it in person, we are thankful to them too for their guidance and moral support extended.

Though, we intially thought of adding some pictures of the concluding day of Mahakumbabhishekam function, as the space is very limited in this free website, we are unable to.  Sorry for that.

We appeal to all our devotees to unite and support us in all our endeavours for the general well being of all.

Ever in the service of GOD !


                            SRI MEEANKSHI SUNDARESWARAR KI .... JAI

MKC - 2012

2nd Kumbhabhisheka Programme Notice

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Blessed Devotees,

Today (10.3.12), we have uploaded our 2nd Kumbhabhisheka Programme Notice in the HOME page of our website for the use of devotees. Please be informed the scanned copy of the notice may not be as appealing as you expect, however to overcome this, we will forward by post a hard copy of the notice in the coming days to each individual devotee.

Secondly, we have received the Panchaloha covered Garbha Gruha (Sree Kovil) & Roof Top Vimanams (Thazhika Kudams) couple of days back and the same were put up for display on 2 & 3rd Mar'12 at Sri Chaithanya Mahaganapathy Temple mandapam. The pics of the Vimanam are uploaded in the PHOTOS Section under a separate heading "2012 Mahakumbhabhisheka Vimana".



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Dear Sreeram,

Since I am leaving for Sabarimala and on return will be stayed in CHENNAI till 2012 Septr. I am coming to Our village from Chennai on 29th April. Since I will not be available to HYDERABAD. till Septr. Please send all my correspondecne etc. if any to the following address,which I have given to you.


A/3 SRIJI APTS.,, Rajashekaranst.,

R.K.SALAI, Opp. Kalyani Hospital,




Sep-Ul-Chere for posterity

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                 The sep-ul-cher for posterity----The Nuclear Harm An Analysis

                             THE SEP-UL-CHER FOR POSTERITY


The recent mass destruction due to Tsunami and subsequent nuclear blast in Japan has put in a question of our safety a in the Nuclear world, what kind of safeguard that we as a human entity have against such destructive devices in the hands of various countries, one trigger happy parasite can annihilate the whole existence of mankind from this earth.

We are told that 30 rems (meaning roentgen equivalent in Man)can have significant changes in the blood streams, and about 80 to 128 rems can make you chronically sick for life like having permanent disabilities like Cancer, haemorrhages, and about 300 or more rems can be fatal, ( The rem is unit used to measure the radiation dosage on human being). Having said this in the event of a nuclear explosion one is not sure. What will be the dosage one gets, which largely depends upon the location and how closer you are to the site of the explosion? It Is also told that the radiation lingers long enough to reach out, through Air, to maximum distance, which can only be assessed by the intensity of the Nuke bomb, its capacity, and the wind speed at that point of time.

In lay man parlance in the first minute of the blast after detonation, there are three damages that can be caused, which are thermal radiation, the low yield of which is 35% or more in less than 100ft, and it can go as high level of 45- 48%, then you have blast wave, which is 60% low yield and 50% high yield and the third damage causing is ionizing radiation, which is at 5%, the radioactive decay of the fall out releases additional 5 to 10%, in a nutshell you can near holocaust in the event of a Nuke War.

As per the inventor of law of relativity, Albert Einstein “The Law of Mathematics refers to reality. They are not certain, as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality,” The quote of this genius holds good when the senior scientists predicts and perfects Nuke weapons and its safe guards. The Lab trials or mock test is okay in its controlled atmosphere, the job said is well done, but we cannot calculate the intensity of the blast if the said bomb is to explode in places with petroleum or chemical plants as the same can trigger multiple effect on the human populace which can be on a geometric proportion.

Dr.Tatsurichiro Akizuki has detailed in his book Nagasaki 1945 the real account of Automic explosion as he was the eye witness to the tragedy and has administered medicine to the affected victims.

In the process of saving lives of the victims radiation levels in his own body went up, and he had constant fever and diahoriea, he claims that his selfless service to save life was appreciated by the God almighty, and he escaped from the jaws of death to live yet again.

We have seen only an Atomic blast since its discovery at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and we cannot afford to do on-field trials of Nuke Bomb. The Scientific calculation and Matrixes can go to hay wire if the said bomb disturbs the craters of the Earth which in turn can cause havoc.

While understanding the implications of a nuclear disaster, not just in warfare alone,? Look at the accidents that are before us, since nuclear Invention, he Chernobyl 1000 mega watts power reactor in USSR, The Three-Mile Island near Pennsylvania, Presently in Japan are glaring example of how unequipped we are against this deadly Energy and how insufficient we are in our Nuclear safeguard as these happened in the most developed countries. Here, we should imagine what will be situation if it has to happen in Pakistan, North Korea or India where we have limited experience as compared to major republics.

We have seen many major scientific breakthroughs in the last 100 odd years, including Nuke, Atomic energy & plastics. Some of them did really bring in some comforts to us, but we failed to understand all this scientific invention, and its subsequent use will have a telling effect on the Earth’s craters. While we cooled our Bed rooms with Air Conditioners, we heated up the Earth with the indiscriminate use of plastics and petroleum products, which is an unwise decision.

We set certain values to all that we discovered and manufactured things only keeping in mind the profits of the establishment, but forgetting the long terms’ consequences on the Ecology.

While my argument is not against invention or its commercial application, but what about our concern for sustainability, factor, why did we forget this most crucial factor in the first place, while we all know plastic was a good product but why did we go overboard in the use of plastic? Why did we forget the need for recycling? Here, some organizations have developed "CRADLE TO CRADLE’ DESIGN PROTOCOL", which simply means mimicking nature's organic life cycle 'here after the end use of the product, the product is returned to the manufacturer for recycling.' The person behind this design protocol is William McDonough and designer and Michael Braungart a chemist, and their design protocol is called MBDC chemistry.

This is a step in the positive direction and companies like Rebook, Nike, Shaw etc, are embracing these production models as part of their environmental commitments.

All this put a common question as to why did we lack the foresight to have such production models before venturing into manufacturing of plastic and petroleum goods ? Are we to do corrective surgery, why not prevent the it in the first place.

The Nuke power and plastics are only inferences. We need a macro-level understanding of Science and its discoveries. We need to understand them to first and then embrace them, keeping in mind the impact it has on the Ecology.

The mindless embracement of our discoveries l only le ad us to the throes of mass destruction, as the Ecology has its own pressure release system in place, which we have seen in the form of Tsunami, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Melting of Ozone l layers and other natural disasters., which in turn have definite bearing on our health, can contract all types of epidemic like radiation impacts, plagues, constant fever and the likes.

while the human capacity is measureable but no one can measure nature in its entirety, while she will give us all in abundance of her natural wealth., The Mother Nature can be a good disciplinarian as well.

We should also understand who would be the present & future users of these inventions are; the Psychiatry of human mind is not accessible to scientific findings, as such we should factor socio-economic background of all the people while inventing a dangerous product like Nuke. In this case, the mindless Republics like United States and Soviet Union during their Cold War Era has equipped their Satellites like Pakistan, North Korea, etc., with Nuke Capabilities. What will happen to its Nuke installation, if they were to fall into the hands of Militant Groups, like Taliban or Lakshera Tioba, who were nurtured by these very American in their war for supremacy in Afghanistan?

The Bush and Blair’s of the Western world with half the information about “weapons of mass destruction” waged a senseless war on Iraq. The present dispensation in United States is keen on a War with Iran and North Korea, if any of these countries have Nuke power and something drastic happens, The World is at loss to understand the results of such devastations.

This could challenge very existence Human Race. The error in human judgment is possible, but what about the ramification of its fall out both for the present and posterity a quiz that needs to be answered.

To unravel this mystery we should understand our own ancient mythology, We have had many civilizations like the Indus valley Civilization, Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, The Ancient Greek Civilization etc., all this has been sunk under this Earth, and what remains, is simply the tip of ice berg, How these civilizations sunk, causes, effects are something very debatable until date, Scientific rationale lacks reasoning, we are left with only the remnants of the past.

In the Maha Bharatha, we were told the use of sophisticated Astras (Arrows) like Brahmastra, etc., can we now decipher them to the present context of Nuke/Atomic power or at least Chemical Warfare?

While stating that, I would like to mention that the evidence of Virtual reality was seen, as Drudarashtra heard the entire war, scene by scene from Vidthura miles away from the battle field.

Secondly they had the knowledge of making test-tube babies. The Kaurava's were born through this method, and the apparatus used were clay pots.

Finally a mention of Telephony in the form of a Statement, that sound passes through air. All this constitutes a well-developed scientific infrastructure in place during that period, and what happened to them are still a Myth.

There is a mention of Brahma Ratri and Brahmaodaya, in the Bhagavat Gita “ which states that I will ensure that I will end all lives in this world during Brahma Ratri which will last for one thousand years and I will resurrect these lives through my fertility during the Brahmaodaya which will last for the next thousand years,” can this be interpreted as after every civilisation there has been mass destruction or a deluge and for resurrection it has taken a period equivalent to around 1000 years.

We have no clue as to whether we are in the portals of a holocaust? but for sure at this point of time " we on a cliff" The most important question that needs to be answered are we going to be merchants of deaths? Are we to leave only Sepulcher’s to our posterity? Or is it the time to Act, Let us awake from our comatose slumb we are in now, to undo mistakes what we have done in the past, or else we will slip from our comatose slumb to a comma. It is a time for introspection.




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All The Blessed Devotees,

We have uploaded the Mahakumbhabhisheka Function 2012 Notice in the HOME PAGE  of our website today as the first paragraph. The notice has been uploaded on a medium resolution size to make the upload process complete. No worries if the quality is not upto your expectation, as the original hard copy of the notice will reach each individual devotee in a couple of days time by postal mail. A second notice with the devotional, cultural programme details that will run from 27th April thro 1st May, 2012 will go for printing in a couple of days time to the press.

Best Regards // MKC - 2012


2012 Mahakumbhabhisheka Notice Launch

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Dear Devotees,

The "2012 Mahakumbhabhisheka Notice" launch function was held on 30th Nov'11 at Sri Chaithanya Mahaganapathy Temple. Some of the moments were pictured and uploaded in the PHOTOS section as a separate album in the name "2012 Mahakumbhabhisheka Notice Launch Function" for the use of devotees. Shortly copy of the programme notice will be uploaded in the site for the use of devotees.

Regards // MKC-2012


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                                               MY VERY OWN KAKU - CHAPTER-2




It is not just we were together in my village home, Kaku used to accompany to the pond where I used to be taken for a bath. The colour of the water used to be green, probably because of the green surrounding, the green patches of Algae’s used to be visible, the people used to wash themselves first and they used to dip their clothes into this thick decoction there making their clothes more dirtier. Initially I used to get little upset in going to the pond but as the saying goes “NECESSITY BECOMES THE MOTHER OF INVENTION” was apt in my case, got used to the stink that emanates out of the water blocks the nostrils and they by allowing you to get used to it. This is a paradigm shift in what we used to call cleanliness in towns, but I used to wonder the villagers were more stronger than their brethrens in big cities, as they were able to withstand in such extreme conditions with no portable water supply around, bathing in water with multiple chemical and organic compounds and at times feces’ of both animal and human being and yet they were spared of gastroenteritis and skin problems.

This is when I thought there is a natural cleanser in the form of algae’s and other natural elements that would have acted as a cleaning agent or to be brazenly blunt, the people who lived here would have had ‘more resistance than people of the cities. Here I am not using oxymoron as a figure of speech, neither it is a paradox of sorts; it is plain and hard truth and nothing else.

Coming back to the story, my Kaku used to love this pond and when I pull him into it, he used to stay afloat, I used to wonder how an elephant can be so cool in water and I on his behalf used to spray water from my mouth across as I had told him not to disturb others. After playing in water for some time, I used to walk bare foot to a small Shiva Temple, Here too I had my Kaku, but he used to stand outside, while I used to go in and pray , the temple priest was young with a bald head, used to literally throw the sandalwood paste on the palm and talk very less to children, only elders were seen speaking to him. The opening to the Temple is from south, here I mean the gate and entry inside the temple was from east. The Shiva linga which is the main deity even though not of great size looks magical with oils lamps lit all round gives out a divinely effect , the spills of the light across the dome giving it a glaze with a black tinge is quite mystical. As we go around the temple we can see only thorns strewed around sometimes pricking on my foot. But all these small inferences cannot stop people from taking divine interventions to their entire problems.

Just after the temple there is a Temple Car ( Thiru) which is exquisitely carved, but since there are not takers to upkeep the same, one could sight monsoon has created a havoc on this master piece. I used to get amazed on the sight of this Temple Car whose carving is a real treat to ones sight.

When taking about the lord Shiva I used always wonder why is Lord Shiva called the destroyer and I feel it is wrongly taught and understood. When dwells into Adyatmika of the Vedas and Upanishads and the Shiva purana, we can clearly make out that Shiva is the creator and everything about him represents the creation---Procreation to be precise. A scientific look at the shape of the linga represents the Vital human organ for procreation and hence I would like to conclude that Shiva is a creator and not destroyer.

Let me take you into the spiritual splendor of understanding of Lord Shiva as per Rig veda which is supposed to be the first of all Vedas, there is an another word for Veda which is called “Shruthi”—the one which is heard and the process of passing it on from one generation to the other is through hearing and narrating process and hence it is possible some of the essentials or thoughts would have got altered to suit the reasoning of some people or certain age. The fertile mind will not omit the Munda community who were the predecessor to the Rig Vedic people and a study into the culture of the Munda community will open our minds to better understanding of Vedas, since most of the Rig Vedic proyogas and padathis have some similarity with the Munda culture (Munda a name given to Tribals of gangetic valley).

The Rig Veda also talks about Nature as God and most of it are all about Pancha bootha, we consider mother nature as God and to put it in our own sankrit,” Prakruti & Purusha” , nature is always projected in the gender of female as she the bowls of creation, Purusha represents Shiva or Linga is the one who seeds and gets the harvest in varied acts of fertilizations covering various gamut of human activity including procreation of Mankind, Vegetation and so on. The Shiva purana is full of rich tales and one of them where Shiva takes the form of Adranariswara, making a bold statement that Prakruti and Purushas are the inseparable part in the creation of this universe.

I am aware that age old beliefs cannot be taken out by mere verbose of the fertile mind and I am no Iconoclast to go against the established belief system, which will remain in the way we have learnt our initial tuitions, a rationalist mind will go into the details of what is being taught, a believer simply believes what is taught to him. I have always been a believer but my beliefs comes out of understanding of the subject and not by mere pabulum of some priests or who pose has ultimate knowledge without elaborating his intelligence by way of logical reasoning.

I think I have explained my stand on why I think that Lord Shiva is a creator and not a destroyer. Now what I am going to say would look that I am trying to pradoxically confuse the reader but in reality, what I am trying to convey is that I find a very thin difference between creation and destruction. I think they live in harmony, including life and death they are not opposed to each other but they are the rationale behind logical planning of god forehead. According to Srimad Bhagavat Gita, lord Krishan says that


Here lord Krishna is just informing us that there are nothing that are permanent including the bodies which we keep it for some years just to be dispensed once its life cycle is over. There is yet another sloka where Lord Krishan says “ AHAM PRAHABAVAS JAGATAM, PRALAYASA THA”. Here also he says the same thing that I am the creator and destroyer, so there is no reason for me to understand why Shiva should either be a creator or destroyer which is just cyclic anyways.

I think I am drifting from my original story about me and my own Kaku which will come out in my next episode of the blog.




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                                             MY VERY OWN KAKU



I landed at Palakkad Railway Station on oct 12th 1984, the climate than was quite hot for a Bangaloren like me who are used to more pleasant climate, sweating all through my way, but that did not dispel my enthusiasm as I was visiting my Uncle places which is around 22kms from the Station. Usually we used to take   Autorikshaw ride upto Palghat town, and then take a bus ride up to Kollongode., since my elder brother Veera was accompanying me this time he took the train route up to otthara which is quite close to Kollongode,  from there we took a Auto Rickshaw ride to my village which called Eastern Village, Kizhekegramam called in Tamil.

The best part of the journey was the train ride from Palakkad Junction previously called Ollavakode, I could see on my way miles and miles of coconut plantation and between I could see paddy, banana and other plantation which was a treat to my eyes. The wind blowing from time to time used to set the paddy plantation swing into symmetrical dance form unknown to any one of us. This rare tapestry culminating out of nature’s own manifestation showing a humble human being like us, to understand that the nature has varied forms of dance and music which we are yet to understand and relate too.

On reaching my maternal uncles home my brother left me there,  the same night he was back to take the train back to Bangalore.  I was to stay put with my Uncle for next 8 months, besides my uncle , my Aunt, My Grandmother and  my Uncle's Aunts Son Attan who would have then been in his late seventies were there in the house.

The house was called Iyengars house and just could not understand why such a name was given as all of us were Iyers, not just in my house, but all the villager were Iyers too, so why Iygengars house prefix came to my maternal family is quite unknown to me till date.

The house begins with 9 inclining steps which I used to feel is not user friendly,  most of the houses were identical, I used to compare it with city houses which are more user friendly. As one goes into the house, we have a large sit out which was called Thinnai (Sit out) with just one easy chair on it , probably meant for head of the family and all others were to sit on the ground. I used to wonder what kind of relationship these people share,  when people are not treated as equals as was the case in big cities. As a quorum in Big Cities, where father and son used to speak like friends and share information’s. From the sit out we have an entry through a passage which used to be the rectangular straight passage through which one could reach up to the back yard, As we start from Thinnai on the either side of the house we have Large rooms which is called KOODAM, THE LITERAL TRANSALTION MEANS NEST, but I don’t know why a living room is called by such a name?. The right side koodam was adorned with Large size photograph of many gods, and it is perhaps a print from Raja Ravi Verma’s collections, which is still hanging there for close to 80 years. Neither my Uncle or anybody else, ever  bothered to change the frames, which is almost getting eaten up by termites etc., except for praying these gods to bless them, the family has kept these gods too in a pathetic state.

The right side Koodam (Living room) too was equally large had a sofa set on the right side. on the right side of the  wall there was a large book shelf, with amazing variety of books which none of the family members used to even glance except my Uncles Paternal Uncle Mr. Venkitramani , we used to called him chittaappa, who was perhaps the only one to go to college and I was told he studied up to BA but did not complete, which by itself is too high as none of the other family members has ever stepped into the protals of college gate, including my uncle who did not pass Secondary schools,  for them why will Shakespeare or Keats appeal? As such that was also a neglected portion, its fate was the same as that of the Gods.

As we go inside, we have huge kitchen which had Adupu(Conventional Stove) a rectangular 6 feet long with four feeders through which wooden logs used to be inserted and lit, I had a vivid memory I used to wonders about the wall right above the stove, which was black and I was told it could be washed at the end of the days cooking, and one could see one own reflection on it( To be very frank half of this was narrated to me by my mother’s) when I tried seeing my face there I could not----Then I thought it is more of an exaggeration than reality ,which is perhaps the hall mark of people taking about their own past. \

As we come out of the kitchen we have something called Thavaram which acts as a interface between Kitchen and Dining room which in the colloquial terms called Kolathavaram. Here I used to see all the male members of the family having food and in today’s parlance it is dining room for men only, the women would have it in kitchen itself. What a gender bias!

Adjacent to kitchen is a semi wash room and thereafter we used to have 10steps declining stairway which leads to squared open space which had Tholasi madam(A Godly herbal plant worshipped by Hindus especially the women) the legend has it that the women who worship this plant will usher in long life for her husband and children, besides well being of the house. As we proceed to the back yard we have two room structures which is called Rendan Kattu,( which means second house, when literally translated) the orthodox Brahmins would make their women stay in that place during the menstrual cycle, but by this time it has turned out to be just another rooms where the waste and wood for cooking was stored. The next is the cow shed and after that we have one bathroom which was quite huge. Here the bath room was sparing used, as men and women used to take bath on the village pond.

The backyard of the house used to have plenty of vegetation once, I remember a Mango tree, plenty of coconut tree besides other plants, within its confines we have a huge well and I was told that had more than 150 years of existence,  have been quenching the thirst of many generations of two families. one my maternal uncle's family other is their cousins, It had a railway track on the top of the wall fitted with a pully through which they used to draw water. At the end of this back yard is the toilet with no pipes or waterline attached to it. People who want to ease out should carry water on a bucket and all the human waste are driven to the nearby plantation which used to act as a best fertilizer.

I had forgotten to mention about the room right above the drawing room and Thinni, which is  quite a huge size had large windows through which I could see Seetharkund hills, during wintery days as the sun rises up ,we could have an panoramic view of the hills, and at times, I had personally sighted waterfall engulfing through two tiny routes, jumping and dancing which gives out vivid colors’ at different times of the day.

One day as I could not catch sleep, I got up went to the first floor room and opened the window it was almost the twilight hours I lit a cigarette and stood there at 6 o clock, I witnessed something amazing as sun started spreading its radiance on the hills, there by lighting it with red and yellow lights on a controlled speed as sun spread throughout the hills, it was spectacular sight that I could ever see.

I have also witnessed during monsoon season, the Sun light passing through the watery prism creating rainbow images on the hills. For me the Kollongode hills atop this Eastern village are quite formidable both in size and structure.

As I was jobless during that period except for reading news paper and going out for a smoke or sometimes with a Tailor Saleem who  had by that time was my  only friend, while I did not have anything in common with him, but he was of my age and this  aspect ,removes the all the barriers of class and creed. His shop became my den especially during afternoons and evenings. The rest of the time which  was in  plenty and difficult to pass.

One gloomy afternoon I happened to think about my childhood years in this house in 1967, that was the time when riches were aplenty, my grandfather had cloth shop, Ration shop and they were also distributor for Hindustan livers soaps. I was told they had farms too, I did have my own memory on this as such I was trying to refresh my memory when I was idle.

Here I would like to quote from my Autobiographical venture the” Retrospection”.


This was true to that situation I was in, I could hear lots of noises within the house and suddenly I could see faces that were lost to the dustbins of history, I could see a towering personality dominating the house hold, Here I am referring to my Grandfather Mr.Guruvayurappan, shouting and yelling at people around him and asking them to do thing as per his direction, all members of the family was seemingly also ran, yet there was a lot of love and respect the people around him had for him. Here I would not like to confuse the reader in telling he was a hero of sort, in any family there will be someone whom others will regard as a role model or just by fear, or by sort of abstractions., to an extend some people known to him and looking for favors’ would have adored him and his qualities. I don’t call him the protagonist to this story, but there is a lot of reference of his rather brash approach to life

. I should not be misunderstood to be be-littling my grandparent but all that I would like to clarify he was just the opposite of what I would have seen in cities and in all probabilities I was too young to gauage a person of his stature. Incidentally I was too close to him as per the verson of others in the family.  I was too young to relate to him but I still remember a Mundu & Kurta and a clean shaven head and his looks might have created a scare on others but to me he very loving Grandpa.

When I said my grandpa is not the protagonist in this story as the story  continue's,  you will be amazed to find my favorite playmate Kaku the little elephant on the lead role, I used to spend a lot of time feeding it, give him a bath and I used to wonder why his skin becomes so tight after taking bath, he would listen to all my dictates, when I tie him to the pillars of my home he would not move an inch. will sleep on when I make him sleep. I used to tie a thread around his necks and take him around the village as others used to see and comment about me and my baby elephant.  But myKaku was not bothered about what others would say so was the case with me as well.

I used to frequent a house who used to sell sweetmeats in the village, it was called the Vadhyar’s house, he used to dish out delicious ladoos, jelabis and salted stuff like muruku etc., I was the regular visitor to his house, many a time I used to eat and leave the place without giving him a dime,  he used to not insist on money with me. It was later I realized he used to take it from my uncle. I used to feed my baby elephant with his share of the sweets, but somehow he used to not like it at all. When I force feed him, he used to throw it out , most of the times the sweet used to fall on the village roads and gets mixed up on the fine sands.